inside a commercial building like a doctors waiting area

Commercial Construction

With TNT Development you can expect top-quality service and experience from our team of legacy builders as we work with you to meet your current and future business development needs. By involving skilled professionals this early on in the development stage, you can save time and money later on.

We coordinated all aspects of your commercial construction project. From designing and planning to on-site management, we work alongside you so you are confident you are getting the correct facilities for your unique business.


Mixed Construction

TNT Development is the perfect company to help with your urban development projects. Our team of legacy builders build where you can work, live and play. We do this by building up VS building out in order to maximize the most amount of space for people in the community.

Apartment buildings


Are you looking to update or upgrade your home or business? Is it just "time" for that remodel for your kitchen, bathroom, meeting room or break room? TNT Development has your back. We will assist you in doing whatever home or business remodel you are looking to do.


Residential Construction

TNT Development is an excellent choice for when you need Custom Home Building, remodeling and additions done to your home. Our team of legacy builders are happy to assist you in creating the perfect dream home, with the perfect layout that you will want to spend your free time in.

Brick house